The history of the seaside is effectively mirrored in the history and heritage of Scarborough. Many of the buildings that you will see on the Scarborough Heritage Trail represent milestones on this long and eventful journey from obscure fishing village to thriving
seaside town. From the mid 17th century onwards, the far-spreading fame of the medicinal Spa waters brought the rich, the well-connected and the fashionable to Scarborough every season. Much earlier than anywhere else, too, sea bathing became an acceptable feature of the ‘Scarborough Experience’. These discerning early visitors sought pleasure as well as health. They demanded - and were prepared to pay for - the best of everything, from accommodation, food and drink to theatrical performances, elegant balls and banquets. By following the Heritage Trail, you will be able to trace some of the development in the social, religious, literary and artistic life of the rapidly growing town, and the buildings associated with each sphere of activity. The Heritage Trail also provides a glimpse or two of the earlier medieval walled town, when the narrow streets were thronged with cowled monks and friars as well as with the
European seafarers and traders attracted to the busy port for the trade outlets it offered. Later, during the 18th and early 19th centuries, shipbuilding vied in importance with holidaymaking as a major source of economic growth. Here too, the Heritage Trail gives
you an insight into the great days of sail as well as of the men who built and owned the ocean-going wooden vessels. Places, events and people described in this booklet represent a necessarily selective choice of historic sites, mostly located in or near what is now called the ‘Old Town’, where the traditional fishing community first established itself before the Norman Conquest. Fishing remains a feature of the local economy today.

Pictures from a competition


by Beckie Blake

This is taken at the Castle. The grounds of the castle are magical, and so evocative of a time gone by, where Scarborough Castle stood proudly atop the cliffs, a landmark of strength and history. The view here, looking out towards Cayton, is one which countless other eyes have gazed upon over the centuries.... It's like stepping into a piece of
Scarborough's history, another time, and it's wonderful!

A little bit of York by the sea.

by Graham Steele

East Sandgate has always reminded me of the Shambles in York. With so much history. The Newcastle Packet and old Tunny club with so many stories to tell. And such a contrast to the bright lights and modern amusement arcades.


Sally-Ann Fawcett

My wedding reception was held at the Olivers Mount cafe on that day, 4th March, and all guests were shown the iconic view of Scarborough from the site of the war memorial.
This photo evokes such happiness for several reasons:  the beauty of a sunny day over Scarborough after weeks of rain; the joy of my nephew on such a happy wedding day; and the pride of being able to show my new in-laws from London the stunning vista of the town from its greatest vantage point.

South Bay Scarborough
by Rose Habberley

New season deck chairs open epitomises the excitement of families visiting our beautiful beaches.

Victorian & 1930's Architecture

by Tony Freeman

It is envigorating to see architecture of different periods interacting with each other to enrich the visual environment

Memorial Bench

by Martin Dove

"This picture reminds us  that without the selfless acts, of countless men and women, we Scarborians would not have our freedom to enjoy our wonderful town today.
Scarborough Lighthouse in the background symbolises a beacon of hope and prosperity for us all".

Little Smasher

by Ziek Faulkner

This photo was taken of the early evening sunset, over the castle on the hill. This reminds of taking my dogs on walks with my two daughters, who are now 14 and 16 years old. The good ol' days.

Simply the best!

by Mark Vesey

Walking along the Esplanade with a blaze of coloured flowers and a perfectly blue sky and sea is simply the best thing you can do in life!
My photo shows a small rowing boat connecting us with the town's historic past of fishing and boatbuilding. It also shows the fantastic heritage we have of the castle, old town and Grand Hotel. When we meet any visitors we are proud to tell them about the Esplanade and the health benefits to body and mind that come from a stroll overlooking the sea and gardens.

A Moment in Time

by Morgan Faulkner

This photo is a captured moment in time, which I believe has the ability to take many people back to very fond memories, at Scarborough's beaches.
At the seaside it is always a place to have fun, to find peace of mind, but never to have a dull moment. Personally, the beach reminds me of home, family and friends. It is where I grew up, and will continue to grow, as a person and as a photographer.


by Ian Davie

I'm very proud of what Scarborough does honouring our Armed Forces, plus the support for the RNLI and took the opportunity to take this photo showing them both with a fine Scarborough Icon.

Promenade Reflections

by John Kendrick

The North Bay promenade walked on by generations of visitors to Scarborough has, on this day, been claimed by the sea.
As the setting sun reflects on the prom I'm presented with time to reflect on my many past memories of this special place.
What comes to mind are my childhood memories of annual holidays spent here in and around the chalets, playing cricket on the beach, swimming in the pool or the sea.
Then there's the castle on the headland reminding me of building castles in the sand and trying, like Canute, to stop the incoming tide from destroying them!
Soon the tide will subside and clear the way for future generations to come and enjoy this timeless place.

Evening Light

by Barbara Bateman

A view of the northside of Scarborough in the early evening light. Reminds me that wherever you are in Scarborough, there is always a stunning view.

Vernon Road Bridge

by Clive Hague

The Iron bridge taken from Vernon Road a view that seems to get bypassed by many photographers but so close to the town centre and steeped in history. A must for me.

Illusions of Grandeur

by Peter Dickinson

Probably Scarborough's most iconic building with a grand reflection on the beach!

Scarborough Fair

by David Smith

This picture shows that Scarborough is a place for fun at anytime.

Town Hall

by Julia West

This building our Town Hall,says so much about the past splendor of this wonderful town. Along with the gardens which give a colorful gentle walkway from the sea front. But please do not be fooled into thinking Scarborough lives in the past. No ! We have the " Tour de Yorkshire " poster showing the bright up to date thinking that we have here in Scarborough x

The Spirit of Scarborough

by Colin Richardson

This photograph captures the essence and spirit of Scarborough. The Castle headland depicts its historic past with the old town nestling below it. The harbour and lighthouse protecting the fishing boats and pleasure craft. The sea front amusement arcades to entertain the throngs of visitors and finally the lifeboat and coastguard helicopter  to protect the towns seafaring heritage. It makes me proud.

No Title Given

by Brian Ralph

Scarborough Harbour

by Lance Wardle

Although Scarborough is well-known for it's holiday combinations of 'sun, sea and sand' (!) a night-time stroll around the town can also reveal some wonderful scenes. The harbour can be particularly attractive and atmospheric, with the lights picking out the colours of the boats and creating rippling reflections in the water......

Sunset at the Lighthouse

by Daniel Spink

I had the fortune to experience this beautiful sunset at Scarborough's lighthouse. It was such a quiet an tranquil evening that Scarborough's iconic harbour area came alive in the colours and lights of the sunset. A truly amazing experience for me.

Scarborough at its best

by Kevin Dengate

Having taken a tender into Cannes a few weeks earlier Scarborough was much more inviting and exhilarating arriving on the lifeboat on Families' Day

Yorkshire's Finest

by Chris Richardson

As a Scarborian, born and bred, and also as a retired military man myself, I have always been touched by the warmth, generosity and hospitality of my home town to all those who have and continue to serve our country. These boys are men now, and I am so proud of them and of Scarborough for its unwavering support.

No title given

by Michaele Carrack

Falsgrave Park

by Alan Pearson

Falsgrave park is where I take my dog for a walk in the morning and where I meet my neighbours from the Falsgrave area. I love the chats and the canine camaraderie each morning.

Harbour Sunrise

by Andrew Kent

The lighthouse provides a focal point for the South Bay. Being on the east coast it provides a greatopportunity for magical sunrises.

Never tire of the View

by Joanne Karim

I just really love living by the sea. There is nothing better than cycling around the bays watching the sun rise out of the sea to welcome in a new day. We have some really amazing cycle routes where you can enjoy stunning views of the sea or feel the calm of the countryside, but the sea always wins out to me. We have such a beautiful coastline, rich with heritage. What is not to love about living in Scarborough.


by Damian Loughran

I love the way that you never know what the sunrise will look like, but it is rarely boring.

The past connects to the present

by Connie Pummell

I love the view and lived on St Nicholas Cliff 28 years.

Lighthouse in a Raindrop

by Paul Belshaw

This is something I see every morning having my breakfast, from my kitchen window. I've looked at it now for twelve years; never get tired of it!

Note: This was our only analogue submission which was scanned for the website display.

'Static Sails'

by Lili Dixon

A beautiful piece of hidden architecture.

Mystery of the Sea

by Oliver Todd

Growing up I often wondered if there were shipwrecks in the sea and although I asked my mum, dad, nana and granddad, no one could tell me for definite. They would often tell stories of pirates and battles. One September morning in 2016 we were walking on the beach when we came across this wreck. Neither mum, dad or myself had ever seen it before. The picture I took shows the wreck along with the lighthouse to show its location. When we got home I researched the wreck and found it wasn't the pirate ship I hoped for when I was younger, it was called The Vivid which sank in 1888. The crew were saved by the lifeboat. The wreck is only visible when the sands are washed away revealing a mystery of the sea.

Scarborough North Bay

by Elise Garland

The best time of day, just before sunrise and the view over towards the castle is always one of my favourites. So atmospheric!  

The Crescent

by Bill Pringle

The elegant sweep of the Georgian Crescent, a real delight seen through my bedroom window. 

The Suncourt by Night

by Liz Blades

No submission

Tremendous Triangle

by Melinda Dowson

Tremendous triangle captures a 'grand view' from each corner representing significant heritage landmarks in sparkling Scarbotough Britains first ever seaside resort.

by Maureen Newiss
No Submission

A Favourite View

by Sue Gurney

Water and boats is a winning combination for me, and even after over 30 years of living in Scarborough I never tire of this view

The Open Air Theatre

by Edward Spencer

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