Frank Newbould 1887-1951

Additional Information

The North Bay of Scarborough is very scenic with very little commercial development. Royal Albert Park is a great place to walk and enjoy coastal views with your eye always drawn towards Scarborough Castle. There was an early Iron Age settlement on the headland and later a Roman signal station long before the present castle was built. The existing castle lies on the landward end of the headland. A 13th century barbican defends the entrance. The square keep was built between 1158 and 1169 and a curtain wall extends from the barbican to the cliff edge. The castle ruins dominate the skyline and are the best known feature of the town.

On the landward side of the Castle, on Mulgrave Place, is Castle-by-the-Sea, the home of artist Atkinson Grimshaw.  He lived there with his wife and family from 1876 -1879. On the North Cliff, note the prominent cream coloured Clifton Hotel where the war poet, Wilfred Owen, wrote several of his poems. 

Where Albert Road (known locally as Chain Hill) joins Royal Albert Drive the North Bay Pier once extended 305 metres out into the North Bay.  The pier was swept away in a storm in January 1905.

Directions to Location 2.

Follow the Marine Drive around the foot of the Castle Hill until reaching the South Bay.  At various locations along the drive there are interpretative boards providing a wealth of information about the Marine Drive.  As you approach the South Toll House keep left along the sea wall until reaching the next location at the north end of East Pier.