The Civic Society has placed blue plaques in Scarborough to commemorate various notable people.   Scarborough is extremely fortunate in having so many connections with famous fig­ures, it is truly said that in its heyday it was a 'magnet for the mighty'. As a rule we try and fol­low the English Heritage guidelines for erecting blue plaques. These are:

•       Nominated figures must have been dead for 20 years or have passed the centenary of their birth

•       Plaques can only be erected on the actual building inhabited by the nominated figure, not the site where the building once stood (we have not always been able to conform to this).

•       Buildings marked with plaques must be visible from the public highway.

Nominated figures must also meet one or more of the following criteria:

•       Be considered eminent by a majority of members of their own profession or calling

•       Have made an important positive contribution to human welfare or happiness

•       Be recognisable to the well-informed passer-by

•       Deserve national recognition

•       Have resided in a locality for a significant period-of time or importance- within their life and work

In the 1980s Scarborough Borough Council commissioned a "Heritage Trail" and you can find these dark blue Heritage Trail plaques at the following locations:

Heritage Trail part  1                                                                                                                                                 

1.            Grand Hotel         

2.            Anne Bronte
2a.          The Central Tramway  

3.            Long Room and Royal Hotel 

4.             Town Hall           

5.            Theakston's Bookshop        

6.            Newborough Bar   

7.             Theatre Royal      

8.            Bell Hotel

9.            Market Hall          

10.           Trinity House       

11.           Old Quaker Meeting House  

12.          Butter Cross        

13.          The Bolts

14.           The Harbour, Piers and Lighthouse    

15.           King Richard III House       

16.        Shipbuilding in Scarborough   

17.          The Three Mariners Inn       

18.          Paradise House

19.           St. Mary's Parish Church    

20.          Scarborough Castle

21.          Atkinson  Grimshaw  at  Castle-by-the-sea        

22.          John Wesley and Church  Stairs Street Chapel   

Heritage Trail part 2

23    The Valley Bridge       

24    The Church of St. Martin-on-the-Hill          

25    The Esplanade and The Crown Spa Hotel   

26    The Scarborough Spa Cliff Lift    

27    The Spa       

28    The Cliff Bridge          

29    Rotunda, the William Smith Museum of Geology       

30    Will Catlin, Pierrots and The Arcadia Theatre          

31     Scarborough Railway Station     

32     Charles Laughton       

33     Stephen Joseph Theatre (formerly The Odeon)        

34    The Crescent 

35    Woodend Creative Workspace    

36    Crescent Art Gallery    

37    Londesborough Lodge  

38     Public Library           

39    Charles Dickens at the Assembly Rooms (Pizza Hut)

40    Head Post Office        

41     Scarborough Evening News Office

42    Marine Drive 

43    Hairy Bob's Cave       

44     North Bay Pier          

45     Peasholm Park   

46    Scarborough Cricket Club         

47    The Former Dean Road Prison 

48    The Workhouse and St Mary's Hospital     

49    King Richard III Wall