The Harbour, Scarborough (not dated)

Frederick William Booty 1840-1924

Additional Information

At the north end of the Old (Vincent’s) pier is a lectern giving information about the Albert Strange Pontoons. In the Old Town, St Mary’s Parish Church is prominent, to its right the white building is Paradise House, widelybelieved to be the birthplace, in 1773, of Sir George Cayley, ‘the Father of Aeronautics’.   In 1917 the building reopened as the Graham Sea Training School, as which it remained for 55 years before being converted to flats.
The length of Sandside running to the north of the harbour is in the Scarborough Conservation Area and was recently refurbished as part of Scarborough’s Urban Renaissance project.
The bridge joining the Old Pier and the Lighthouse Pier is named after the late Captain Sydney Smith MBE to commemorate his life and celebrate his love of Scarborough and the sea.  Walk to the end of the pier to see ‘The Diving Belle’ one of a pair of sculptures commissioned by the Civic Society.  Its partner, the Bathing Belle,
is in the North Bay opposite the Sands development. 

Directions to Location 4   

Retrace your steps along the pier, cross Sandside and follow the footpath which starts at the foot of Castle Hill and goes up eventually to the Castle. (The footpath is initially very steep for wheelchairs and scooters.) Keep to the left of the steps which go up to the Castle and follow the path along to Burr Bank.