If you have any concerns about a particular planning application you can make certain that we are aware of the proposal by emailing secretary@scarboroughcivicsociety.org.uk outlining your thoughts about the planning proposal.
Below are our latest comments to planning applications:

Land Between High Close And Woodlands Weaponness Drive, Scarborough

As this proposal is in the Weaponness Conservation area we believe that to squeeze three houses onto this plot is an unacceptable over development for profit only. Perhaps by refusal of this application there is an opportunity to review plans for this important part of the Weaponness Conservation Area, but as a minimum this application should be reviewed by the Planning Committee at which time the Civic Society would like to address the members.

Application refused.

The Belvedere, Esplanade 

Erection of side extension at first floor level

We object to this proposal on the grounds that it will not preserve or enhance the Scarborough Conservation Area. In fact it will radically change the appearance of the street façade and the proposed modern addition will alter what must be one of the outstanding buildings in Scarborough.

No decision to date

Hylands House accessed from Holbeck Hill

We object to this proposal on the grounds that it is garden-grabbing, an overdevelopment of the site, the overbearing massing of the two blocks and uninspired design of the blocks.

Application approved.

Scarborough College

The above proposal seeks approval to alter the original design by removing chimneys, and to replace historic fabric (timber) with plastic. This application should be refused, and in a future application there should be an insistence on using timber for the window replacements, the chimneys should not be demolished, and all rainwater goods should be cast-iron.

Application approved.

Town Farm, Gristhorpe

The proposals for the development of the “backlands” at Town Farm into four further dwelling-houses with concomitant need for garage facilities and an extensive area of hard surfacing to facilitate vehicle movement involve too high density and would be very much out of keeping with the Conservation Area.

Application approved.

The Lawns, Filey Road

So far we have only seen public consultation documents issued by the developer. These proposals included major ingressions of the Weaponness Conservation area. We hope that the developer will present a much more acceptable planning application.


We have concern for the future of the former RBS building but pleased to see a start on the Constitutional Club façade on Huntriss Row. The architectural merit of these buildings dictates they should not be endangered buildings.