If you have any concerns about a particular planning application you can make certain that we are aware of the proposal by emailing secretary@scarboroughcivicsociety.org.uk outlining your thoughts about the planning proposal.
Below are our latest concerns regarding planning.

Argos Building Re-development.  20/02167/FL

 We object to this application.

It is very difficult to understand how anyone could find this unimaginative building acceptable for this part of town. However, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” and we can see that the idea of supporting the NHS and Coventry University could sway many people. These concerns cannot overcome the fact that the mass of the proposed building is too dominant and inappropriate for its setting.  The proposed building is much taller than the existing building and would miss the opportunity to open up views to the Castle.  The fenestration does nothing to alleviate the flat elevation to the street. The proposal provides no improvement compared to the existing building as regards its appearance from the street and is hardly sympathetic to its historical setting.  Compare this proposed large slab of a building with the properties opposite in Newborough, which are individually-styled buildings although attached.   The proposed building fails to exhibit any character reflecting the styles around.  The use of bay windows could break up the elevations and provide a wider view of the street for the residents.

Should student accommodation be built on a prime town centre site especially when other sites are available?

In 2016, very close to the town centre, PLANNING APPLICATION - (15/02636/FL) - 24 VERNON ROAD, SCARBOROUGH was approved.  This was a planning application for construction of student accommodation comprising 19 no. flats and 34 no. studio units along with associated access works, for Central Property Investments Limited. Yet this smaller permitted development has not gone ahead.  Why?  If student accommodation is so much in demand, then it is surprising that this site remains undeveloped.

While finance is not a planning matter, should the council be so involved in the financing of this project? The 2016 approved plan was not built possibly because of financial difficulties with the project.  Should our council become involved in a risky business project?

“Kissing Sleeping Beauty”, the council plan published in 2003 proposed a large town square on the Argos site and was fully endorsed by residents.  This would be a really major improvement to the town centre and it’s not too late for the council to fulfil past ambitions.

As far as the appearance of the proposed building is concerned, the Scarborough Renaissance Charter agreed to “reject the mediocre”.   The proposed slab is uniform, bland and resembles a utilitarian barracks rather than a welcoming residential building.   We should revive the spirit of Renaissance and lift our sights higher to ensure a development which will inspire pride in our town.

This proposal would replace one over-sized eyesore with another, even larger.


Bramcote 20/02758/FL Development of a floodlit athletics track, related sporting facilities 

We understand that the Planning Committee can only deal with the application as presented but I hope that our comments can be reviewed to consider if a way forward can be found to save a building on this site which is being allowed to slowly decline.

The members of the Civic Society were looking forward to the Bramcote application being presented as we hoped to see plans for the Grade II tennis pavilion in which we have a special interest. However we are disappointed to find the following statement:

“The proposals therefore represent a less intensive form of development on this Site than was the case in the Previous Application, which sought permission for an 8-lane athletics track, with a greater extent of field activities; the extension of the modern sports hall; and the conversion/extension of the Grade II Listed Pavilion – these elements no longer forming part of the Proposed Development.”

As the pavilion is a Grade II historic building in a conservation area it is essential to investigate every possibility of preserving and conserving the pavilion.  It was constructed in 1885 to serve as a tennis pavilion for the North of England Lawn Tennis Club.  The architect was John Hall whose pupil and sometime partner Frank Tugwell designed houses in Belvedere Road which overlook the pavilion and together form a picturesque group complementing each other in terms of style and detailing.

The present owner, and the previous owner have neglected the building for many years.  Now the owner is daunted by the cost of repairs which have accumulated over decades and seeks to justify neglect because it is of no immediate use to Scarborough College.  Simple maintenance such as painting, roof tile replacement and repairs to rendering appear not to have been carried out.

The historic pavilion is part of Scarborough’s architectural heritage and a reminder of the time when tennis was a more important part of Scarborough’s sporting and social activities. Once lost, listed buildings cannot be replaced; and they can be robbed of their special interest as surely by lack of maintenance as by outright demolition. They represent a finite resource and an irreplaceable asset.